My new favorite note taking software is Joplin. Its key selling points are: it's open source, it supports all of the major desktop and mobile OS's, and you can sync your notes across all of your devices. What makes it special is that the sync functionality will work with almost any cloud storage platform you use. Some of the ones Joplin will work with are Nextcloud, One Drive, and any webdav server (ostensibly).


I like Joplin because it's cloud storage agnostic and it also stores notes in human readable text. Since it's open source, I can contribute to the project or fork it.

The project has been going for a little over a year now. The initial commit was at "2017-01-16T21:49:41Z". I found that out through GitHub's API using curl).

Parting Remarks

It's definitely worth trying out. I mean, what're you going to lose?