Something I find I’m interested in is knowing what other people are up to. Well, I thought I’d share a little bit of that here.


Other than trying to be at peace with myself and the world, I’ve been trying to learn some game development with unity. This is still relatively new but I got so far as to set up vscode on Linux and also unity itself. The most difficult issue I had to solve during this was figuring out why unity-hub kept thinking I did not have enough disk space (and consequently baring me from downloading Unity). The answer was that unity-hub first downloads the files to a temp directory. For whatever reason the temp directory it points at by default seems to either be on a partition that doesn’t have enough disk space or is owned by root and I my user doesn’t have permissions to it. But I digress, the solution was launching unity hub with the temp directory variable changed to somewhere else. Mine launch script looks like

TMPDIR=~/.tmp ~/AppImages/UnityHub.AppImage

Setting up vscode had a few hiccups that took me more time than I care to admit. Essentially I needed to:

As a side note I also upgraded the RAM on my laptop and that seems to have helped things quite a bit. It was at 8 gigs, with 2 gigs pre-reserved for the integrated graphics card… So effectively I had 6 gigs before. (… I now have 32 gigs, but effectively 30 :D).


I’ve been working remotely, but the same job. I think I’m most proud of the random scripts I’ve written in plain JavaScript (it’s good fun). After that It’s probably just been migrating code to newer frameworks. Like migrating a dotnet framework application to dotnet core and migrating the angular js front-end to angular.


I am not a huge gamer but I do like games occasionally. The one I’ve been enjoying most currently is Monster Sanctuary. I have enjoyed it much more than I thought I would (I mean, I’m still playing it). It has strong Pokemon vibes but also standard RPG vibes. Each monster in your team has equipment to manage and a skill tree which adds nuance and variance. These things give it good replay-ability. It was just recently released a few months ago. Also of note, there is an update coming (soon) to allow you to set up matches with friends on steam. It should be a given but this game also has native Linux support. On steam there is a demo but it is of an old build that doesn’t have the same amount of polish as the game you would actually be buying.

The other game I’d played was the Jack-box Party Pack 7. A friend introduced it to me and how to play remotely with it. Essentially you can just stream the game screen to all of the participants (via discord or something else) and they join in with their phones (or other device with a browser). The only game that we didn’t really have much fun with in this set up was “The Devil is in the Details”. That one was a bit too complex.


I started Bovtest but haven’t gotten too far. Essentially I’m trying to do what minetest whynot does which is get a lot of different mods that work good together for a nice balanced game experience. I also haven’t worked on it too much.

There isn’t really much explanation here. I tend to follow open source news.

Here’s a list of some of the news sources I follow:


Perhaps in the future I’ll have other things to report on. I think I’d like to get back into making YouTube videos again. Who knows.